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Do you have a
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without Approved plans?

If so your Thatch Roof is an illegal structure and can lead to action taken against you by the Local Authority.

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Emergency and Evacuation Contingency plans are one of the most important items where safety is concerned.

Without emergency and evacuation plans in a well structured safety orientated environment emergency incidents can fall into chaos, as nobody will know what to do, who to contact and the appropriate action to be taken.

Emergency plans and evacuation procedures should be structured around the entire compliment of persons, trained or not.

Putting these plans into action includes everybody from the Directors to the Cleaners and everyone in between.

Emergency Plans are relevant in all sectors, being Residential Groups, Commercial or Industrial businesses. Eg. Factories, Old Age Homes, Hospitals, Schools, etc.

Emergency Plans are not just for Fire Situations, but also for Other Incidents such as, Gas Leaks, Major Power Failures, Bomb Threats, Violent situations, and many more.

These procedures and plans give the responsible person/s a guide line which they can follow under various situations, such as how to report a fire or other incident, who to contact, how to evacuate a premises, setting up of control points, Handling the Press, identifying high risk spots and initiating the relevant security procedures.

To develop a fully functional emergency plan and drawing up of a workable evacuation procedure requires the full and dedicated commitment of Management and Staff alike.

Evacuation Drills should be carried out Quarterly and Emergency Plans Evaluated Yearly to ensure that all details are correct and that all relevant changes are updated.

All personnel should know what to do in the event of an emergency and should know there Marshalls who has been trained in the various disciplines.

When reporting an incident, please remain calm do not Panic and speak clearly.

Know your environment, and know your emergency plan.  

Report all unsafe actions to the responsible person/s.


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