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Do you have a
Thatch Roof LAPA
without Approved plans?

If so your Thatch Roof is an illegal structure and can lead to action taken against you by the Local Authority.

Please check
Rational Designs
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Rational Designs are carried out to determine and apply the correct safety standards and conditions, to reduce the risk of fire and minimise the effect of an incident should one occur.

A rational design is carried out in conjunction with the National Building Regulations, SABS 0400 of 1990 and the Relative Local Authority By-Laws and Legislation.

These Rational Designs are to ensure that both the developer and the owner are protected, and that all safety standards as required are met.

Rational Designs are carried out in all sectors ie. Residential, Commercial and Industrial developments.

This includes the following:-

  • Factories
  • Shop centres and Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Storage Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Town Houses
  • Transport
  • Bulk Fuel Depots
  • Retirement Homes
  • Thatch Roof Houses, LAPA's and Entertainment areas.

This is but to name just a few of the applications.

Requirements for a Rational Design

  • 3 x Sets of Plans, Incl. Site, Elevation and Floor Layout Plans. (Coloured in)
  • 2 x Appointment Letters to be completed.

Plans to be approved before Construction, Alterations and/or Additions commences


“Integrated Fire Risk Consultants” is presently upgrading on information so as to assist our clients to have a one stop web site when deciding to develop new buildings and doing additions or alterations to existing buildings, homes etc. 

To register your services on this web site please email info@ifrc.co.za for more info.