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Do you have a
Thatch Roof LAPA
without Approved plans?

If so your Thatch Roof is an illegal structure and can lead to action taken against you by the Local Authority.

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Fire Safety Evaluations is carried out mainly at existing Buildings, Factories, Schools, etc. to determine the Fire related risks at such premises and includes the following:-

  • Condition, Location and accessibility of Existing Fire Fighting, Protection Equipment and Systems.
  • Fire Loads ie. Materials stored, Furnishings, Auditorium seats, Curtains, etc.
  • Population Load in conjunction with permitted population loads as per SABS 0400 of 1990.
  • General construction of the buildings or structures.
  • Storage and handling practices inside and outside.
  • Escape Routes and Doors.
  • Stairs, Balustrades, Lifts, etc.
  • Demarcation of Fire Equipment, Escapes and other safety markings.

This is to name but a few of the most important key features.

After such an evaluation a full report is submitted to the Appointed responsible person/s.

No information gathered and recorded shall be submitted or divulged to anybody without the written consent from our client.

All the information is for the clients attention only, so as to assist our client in reaching the highest fire safety standard without being forced to comply within the normal 21 days allowed by the Fire Prevention Divisions.

Should the Client however decide to issue such report to the local authority Fire Prevention Division, we shall negotiate with the Fire Prevention Officer of the area, to correct all matters by prioritising the problems, so that our Client can carry out the necessary corrections over a prolonged period to make it more affordable.

We understand that when it comes to Fire Safety, it is mainly an expense which is mostly ill afforded.

It must however be noted that all properties should be protected to prevent the possibility of a non-void claim in the event of an emergency.

Integrated Fire Risk Consultants does not have the power of authority to enforce any of the by-laws or legislation, we merely act in an advisory capacity to assist our clients to comply.


“Integrated Fire Risk Consultants” is presently upgrading on information so as to assist our clients to have a one stop web site when deciding to develop new buildings and doing additions or alterations to existing buildings, homes etc. 

To register your services on this web site please email for more info.