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Do you have a
Thatch Roof LAPA
without Approved plans?

If so your Thatch Roof is an illegal structure and can lead to action taken against you by the Local Authority.

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Rational Designs
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Thatch Roof LAPA's and Entertainment areas has become very popular with Private Home Owners and particularly at Holiday Resorts, Hotels, etc.

Having said this it has become ever more important to ensure that Thatch Roofs are built to a high quality and Safety Standard, as the insurance companies and Banks are aware of the increasing fire loads to existing dwellings, etc.

So to ensure that no unnecessary risks are taken, the demand for Plans, particularly Fire Protection Plans (Rational Designs) are required.

This also holds true for most Local Authority Fire Prevention and Building Control Divisions.

What do I have to take into consideration when deciding to build a Thatch Roof LAPA or Entertainment area?  

Ensure that you have a good idea of what you want, look around at other structures, and ask as many questions as you wish.

The lifespan of untreated grass reduces within 6-7years, thus keep in mind that maintenance is critical.

Thatch Roofs can be Built to any shape or size and with a bit of improvements and imagination, can be built just about anywhere.

Should you wish to build closer than 4.5m, to the Boundary/ies than your building line allows, application can be made for the relaxation of restriction, under certain conditions at your Local Authority, Building Control Division.

Get as many quotations as you like, but ensure that the company you chose can do what you require of them, and ask for references.

Before commencing on the building or structure, ensure that you have the relevant plans approved and permission to start the development.

The building control officer of your area has to carry out inspections during the development and approve any other relevant work to be carried out.

Should the Thatching Company Include their plans, please ensure that they have been approved first, as it has happened that some companies promise plans on completion and never come to light with them, leaving the owner in the lurch.

Costs not included with a quotation of a thatch roof company which shall be for the clients account:

  • Drawing up of plans.
  • Application costs related to the lifting of building line restriction.
  • Application costs related to the Occupancy re zoning certificate.
  • Fire Engineers Costs (Rational Design).
  • Structural Engineers Costs.
  • Plan Evaluation, Submission and Approval Fees.
  • Pavement Deposit.
  • Additional Fire Protection costs, eg. Flame Retardent application, Lightning Protection, Fire Equipment, Double Brick Fire Walls, etc. (where relevant)

These costs are related to all developments and where required the Owner or Developer must apply for a metered water connection for construction purposes at his / her own costs.

Should you already have built a Thatch Roof LAPA or Entertainment area, and you do not have the relevant Plans and Approvals, Please ensure that you make work of this, as your Thatch Roof LAPA or Entertainment area is an illegal structure, and action can be taken against you by the Local Authority.

NB!! The Responsibility lies solely with the Owner / Developer to Supply the Relevant Approved Plans and other Documentation..

When do I Require a Rational Design for a Thatch Roof?

  • All Thatch Roof Coverings of 20 sq./m and larger is classified combustible roof covering.
  • Any Thatch Roof which is closer than 4.5 meters from any boundary and or building.
  • Any Thatch Roof (Any Size) Enclosed on Three (3) sides or fully enclosed.
  • Any Thatch Roof (Any Size) Located Higher than the ridge of the Dwelling.

Due to the nature of a Thatch Roof Construction, Certain Local Authorities Require a Structural Engineers Certification for Thatch Roofs of all sizes.

This may vary from Authority - Authority.


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