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Do you have a
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without Approved plans?

If so your Thatch Roof is an illegal structure and can lead to action taken against you by the Local Authority.

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With the ever increasing load on Fire Departments, it has become crucial that all sectors should have there personnel trained in basic fire training.

The Demand on Fire Fighting Personnel is being stretched to its limits with ever increasing new developments and growth in population.

Should the Outside sectors personnel be trained in basic fire fighting and prevention techniques, injuries and losses can be minimised and in most cases be prevented.

Consider the fact that almost all fires start small and can be extinguished by means of a hose reel or other hand held appliance eg Extinguishers.

Also consider the fact, that when using the wrong appliance on a incident can lead to rapid fire spread and even serious injuries.

Now Consider the following:-

Should your personnel have been trained in basic fire fighting, fire prevention and evacuation techniques, they would have possibly responded as follows:-

  • They would have identified and evaluated the incident.
  • Taken the appropriate action regarding containment and evacuation.
  • Identified the correct fire fighting appliance and possibly extinguished the fire.
  • And finally remain calm during such incident.

We offer our clients this peace of mind by training personnel on site where they can identify with there surroundings and environment.

Training empowers all and safety is not an option but a right.


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